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When the sun goes down, the bass will raise

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BassAssassins - A journey into depth

BassAssassins was founded by D_Sasta, MC Tafman and cYpher back in 2001 as a platform to celebrate a 360° view into Drum'n'Bass

The History of BassAssassins

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
(Marcus Garvey)

There is no god but man.

Man has the right to live by his own law:
to live in the way that he wills to do

Aleister Crowley

Man has the right to mix records as he will:
to play tunes as he will:
to make the crowd bounce as he will:
to make the crowd scream as he will:
to take over the turntables when and where he will.

cYpher Deimos

The Drum

It all begins with a drum, a beat, a rhythm that brings you in sync with the groove

The Bass

Like a foundation of a building, the bass gives you the strength to reach the peak

The Mix

In an endless swirl the combination of tracks leads to a mystical night of euphoria


BassAssassins is what Drum'n'Bass is all about
The Drum - The Bass - The Mix

BassAssassins Records · Dig Deeper 2020 Summer Mix

Releases on BassAssassins Records

Let's Get In Touch!

For booking requests or other questions, please contact us:

+49 (0) 170 9038098

Past Events

History cYpher

1992-today illegal Parties
mid 90ies - 2012 Resident TempleBar, Essen

first line-up: BreakBeatEmpire3000 @ Schifferhaus Mülheim
BreakDown feat. Panacea @ Broadway-Club, Essen-City
Schleifmühle, Essen

Scooter-Party Extravaganza @ Zeche Bonifacius, Essen
Scooter-Run AirBase Sauerland
1998-2003 Resident with DJ First Claas @ TempleBar, Essen-City

Dunkelbunt, Hamburg
2000-2001 Resident @ Robbespierre, Bochum
Baikonur, Essen
Planet, Bochum
y2k1 Alternativ-Bass-Sylvester-Party Düsseldorf

Launching of the Magoose-Corporation @ Zeche Bonifacius, Essen
Trippin to the c-side @ Baileuw, Essen
2001-2003 Resident @ Crosskulturs, Essen-Rüttenscheid
Launching of the BassAssassins
2001-2003 BassAssassins @ TempleBar (Residents), Essen-City

OkToBass @ Prüfstand, Ethno Art Ruhr
Re.Cover-OldSkoolJungle @ Gebäude 9, Cologne

Sylvester feat. MaximumBassSoundSystem
45RPM, Wuppertal
Blue Note Brokenbeatz, Cologne
BPO - Bunker Project One, Munich
Brazil Summer Breaks Part I + II Essen
Let..s Do It -Festival, Dortmund
Supporting DJ Dash @ SuperflyLounge Dortmund
Basslinegrooves @ La Paz Club Bottrop live radio show
Bowlbox @ Club Trinidad, FZW, Dortmund
Aufschwung Essen feat. Tanzrapid

Bassline Grooves @ R.O.C.K.E.T., Essen
Bumbo Club, Essen
Q-Club, Bochum
Cosmotopia, Dortmund
Essen Original, Caribbian Stage alongside Kasi Selecta
Summer Madness @ Bumboclub, alongside SlimFast & Top Frankin
AllTerrainJamIII @ Lighthouse21 feat. Dr. S Gachet, Freesteppa, ...
2nd Anniversary New Hope Tattoo Club Bochum
Bakuda Club Dortmund
Scootec Nikolaus Party @ Bumboclub
Labor Party @ Katakomben Giradet Haus, Essen-Rüttenscheid
X-Mas Party @ Katakomben Giradet Haus, Essen-Rüttenscheid
y2k5 Sylvester-Party - Pon down Babylon @ Bumboclub, Essen

NewHopeTattooClub Exhibition @ Bumboclub, Essen
Coke DJ Culture feat. Fabio, Grooverider, Rage @ Bumboclub, Essen
Coke DJ Culture feat. Klaus Fiehe, Dash, Kingz @ Bumboclub, Essen
BassLinegrooves feat. Kingz @ Unperfekthaus, Essen
Bakuda Club, Dortmund
Essen Original After Show Party @ Bumboclub, Essen
Reloaded @ Click, Essen
Relaunch of the BassAssassins @ Temple Bar, Essen
y2k6 Sylvester-Party - Pon down Babylon @ Bumboclub Pt II, Essen

Bergischbreaks Meeting feat. Dash, Ambush, Dynamike @ BakudaCLub Dortmund
Urban Grooves - HipHop, BigBeats, Groove, D..n..B @ TempleBar, Essen
5 Years BassAssassins feat. Klaus Fiehe, TempleBar, Essen
Metrobreaks feat. Cativo, Dash @ Bakuda Club, Dortmund
Supporting the Compound Club @ TempleBar, Essen
Electronical Warfare feat. Dash & Mr. Knister @ TempleBar, Essen
DASA Macht Musik feat. Dash & Mr. Knister, etc @ DASA, Dortmund

Urban Grooves feat. MattEz, TempleBar, Essen
Liquid feat. Mikazh Köhlerliesel, Wuppertal
Walpurgis Night feat. Cem, Nogata, Sign @ Riders Cafe Lübeck
BassAssassins Special feat. Ambush! @ TempleBar, Essen
Infrasound - The BassAssassins Replay in SlowMotionShow feat. Mikazh @ TempleBar, Essen
Strictly Drum'n'Bass feat MattEz & Mr. Knister @ TempleBar, Essen
PentHouse Orange Club, Hamm
Dash & cYpher @ Suit 23 Dortmund

Oho - This is OldSchool feat. Kingz, Temple Bar
Kraut und Rüben, Temple Bar

Kraut und Rüben, Temple Bar
Oho - This is OldSchool feat. Kingz, Temple Bar
BassAssassins feat. Remote Controlled Youth, Temple Bar
BassAssassins feat. TGM, Temple Bar
Eldoradio Dortmund
Basswerk feat. BTK, TGM, Jumpat, MC Chevy, Köln
Beatplantation Oberhausen supporting Breaks Alighted
Atmosphere: Nookie & MC Five Alive, Goethebunker, Essen
Beatplantation Oberhausen DJ Set
By By Temple Bar - Last Bassassassins Session 2009

Re-U-Night-Ed, Return of the Funk, feat. DJ First Claas, Gold Club, Essen
BassAssassins Night of Phobos & Deimos, Freischwimmer, Bochold
BasslineGrooves, feat. Gunta Kinte, Gold Club, Essen
Beatplantation feat: Ambush!, DEX, MC Temper, Oberhausen
BassMania Bassacre, Münster
Thonet, Saarbrücken
Wilde Katz, Saarbrücken
Resident 2009-2011 Gold Club Essen

Bye Bye Gold Club
Keller feat. Dash, Dortmund
Wilde Katz, Saarbrücken

Peng Hugo Peng, Saarbrücken
Massive+, Wuppertal
Juicy Beats Festival, Dortmund
Bassface, Goethe Bunker, Essen
Bassfalter feat. Utah Jazz, Eve Bar, Bochum

Klangwerk, Bollwerk, Moers
Scootec, X-Mas Jam, Bumboclub, Essen
Bassfalter feat. Nookie, Eve Bar, Bochum

Klangwerk feat. Nick Modern aka Data, Moers
Thonet, Saarbrücken
Vinyl Asyl,

Bassfalter feat. Invaders, Doc H, Ambush
Titans of Jungle feat. Dash, Doc H, Herb LF

Soul In Motion feat. Storm, Need For Mirrors, Bailey, Rotunde, Bochum
Zooo Club, Lila Eule, Bremen
Blackhatz, Kurt Schumacher, Bochum
Soul In Motion feat. Microgravity, Need For Mirrors, Bailey, Rotunde, Bochum

Soul In Motion feat. Phil Tangent, Need For Mirrors, Bailey, Rotunde, Bochum
Soul In Motion 4th Birthday feat. Spectrasoul, BTraits, Dillinja, Nu:Tone, The Pickle Factory, London
Soul In Motion feat. Carlito & Addiction, Need For Mirrors, Bailey, Dash, Rotunde, Bochum
Soul In Motion feat. Bryan Gee, Need For Mirrors, Bailey, Dash, Rotunde, Bochum
Soul In Motion feat. Source Direct, Need For Mirrors, Bailey, Dash, Rotunde, Bochum